Important Stuff.

Lol i don’t know what to do on here

Time to eat a Lil somethin

Time to eat a Lil somethin

The sun sets

for only those that believe it does.

I need to carry out, what I think is truly important. any answer anyone gives me I will automatically claim it to be wrong, because I don’t even know what truly is important. sure there are obvious things to set aside and push forward, but I need to find the thing that will ultimately give me closure, accomplishment, and of course, happiness. Sometimes I think its a wild goose chase.



I have no idea why the fuck I get shit all the time.
And here it comes….

I will now shut my eyes, stop my ears, and withdraw all my senses. I will eliminate from my thoughts all images of bodily things, or rather, since this is hardly possible, I will regard all such images as vacuous, false and worthless. I will converse with myself and scrutinize myself more deeply; and in this way I will attempt to achieve, little by little, a more intimate knowledge of myself. I am a thing that thinks: that is, a thing that doubts, affirms, denies, understands a few things, is ignorant of many things, is willing, is unwilling, and also which imagines and has sensory perceptions; even though the objects of my sensory experience and imagination may have no existence outside me, nonetheless the modes of thinking which I refer to as cases of sensory perception and imagination, in so far as they are simply modes of thinking, do exist within me- of that I am certain.


my nigga. :)


my nigga. :)

Karma?? What’s that….

I lie to myself until it becomes the truth.

Some of my poetry.

Are you highly trendy? You’re mine to mary

Flying friendly, and you’re kind and caring

Sensitive, loyal and understanding

Humorous, nicely tulmuturous, secure and true

Always there for me, how I love you

Special, exceptional, tremendously intelligible

Truthful and helpful, and certainly not fretful

With an honest shining mind

Confiding tons of excitement

An enlightened chime to my bright side

Not a bad sight through day and night

Yes that’s you…not one bit of spite

You’re one a kind, different from all the others

Generous, charming, I’d love to meet your mother

Optimistic, thoughtful, happy with fame

But not just another person in that chain

Appreciative, warm, and precious like gold

Our friendship won’t vanish or ever get cold

You’ll always be there, with full care and jewel stares

I’ll always be here, truth is for you